Quality Photographs Are Vital to Your Professional Brand

Two Americans visit Japan in a search for the best Ramen. They stop at a restaurant window to view the menu. “Can you understand any of this Japanese?” one said to the other. “Not one bit. Thankfully, they have pictures!” his travel buddy replied. After viewing the pictures, one said, “Their food looks terrible. Let’s move on”. In that quick engagement, two parties missed out; Because the pictures did not accurately represent the quality of the restaurant’s meals, the travelers lost their chance to eat the best Ramen in Japan while the business lost their chance to service their perfect customers.

Below is a set of images that I took of Ben Adams, a Director at the Wharton School. He asked me to make a series of professional shots that would aid his efforts to seek and attract speaking engagements at universities and businesses. While many speakers had bland candid pictures of themselves at actual speaking engagements, we wanted something better. Ben recruited some people to be "blurry heads" in the shots. This allowed us to create a mock presentation in which I could control all aspects of the environment, and put Ben in the best light possible.

In today’s fast-paced world, employers and clients often have to rifle through candidates. Having an image that represents the high quality of your professional character is your best bet to influence the decision-makers to stop and figure out what you’re best at. Don’t be the Ramen and let a bad picture ruin the opportunity to benefit and be benefited by others.